So You Wanna Get To Know Me?

My Journey

I’m a native of Everett, Washington - currently residing in the NYC. At 18, I ventured east to further my musical theatre education at the American Musical and Dramatic Academy. Post graduation, I booped and bopped around the continent performing in two national tours and a plethora of regional theatres. In 2011 I got hit by a taxi, resulting in a broken ankle and relocation to Seattle, WA. Amazing things may happen when you are stripped of your entire existence. The intention was to move back to NYC after I recovered in Seattle. However, stronger forces were at play. I didn’t realize the taxi accident was the catalyst to the biggest transformation of my life. Here’s the timeline:

  • Yoga and NASM certifications
  • Performed at Seattle’s top theatre companies
  • Inception of The Studios. (Training Center + Studio Rental + Performance Space)
  • Met incredible humans that have changed my life forever
  • Started to understand the power of spiritual energy
  • Taught dance and musical theatre classes to all levels
  • Met the man of my dreams
  • Healed relationship with my family

  • A Sensible Theatre Company with Jared Michael Brown!
  • Creatively consulted and appeared in The Millennial Experience - Directed by my man!
  • Directed and choreographed musicals
  • Produced and performed in Pageant the Musical via ASTC
  • Got engaged to the most stunning man ever!
  • Taught at my alma mater
  • Discovered my gift as an Astrology | Tarot channeler
  • Realized what it truly meant to love myself

As I reminisce on these events, I am realizing this all sounds like the plot of a book - maybe one day? The journey has been astronomically stunning, challenging, humbling, enlightening, disbelieving and freeing. I couldn't be more grateful for every moment of it.

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